Who are The Marshalls?

The Family behind the vision

Our Mission

Who Are We?

Find out who we are as a music school.

Our Mission

We are the Rebels against traditional music education! Though traditional musical values and teaching methods are an important part of our history, musical success (regardless of the personal goal) is achieved through interest, passion, drive, and the creation of musical self-approval. The Marshall’s believe self-expression, creativity and confidence are the foundation for every individual musical journey and the success that follows.

What do we do?

What do we do at the music school?

What do we do?

We provide access to music via a range of activities suiting all different learning needs and learning styles. These range from: little rock sessions, 1:1 tutoring, group sessions, band camp, workshops and choirs. We deliver accessible and affordable musical guidance to everyone, irrelevant of age, background or ability with something for every member of the family. We as a family aim to bring your family and community together, in a busy world where sometimes we just forget to be ourselves and have fun!

What do we believe?

Our ethos.

What do we believe?

We believe that whilst learning music you should feel confident, directed, encouraged, inspired and feel like you are part of our musical family. We believe that The Marshall’s School of Music isn’t somewhere for parents to bring their children for an hour a week. We believe that we are a gathering point where every individual feels like they want to stay and be part of the new generation of music. We invite all to be part of our musical family and to feel like music is where you belong! We believe everyone has the ability to develop musically into the best musician and person that they can be.

The Marshall’s pledge to you…

A Marshall doesn’t say “I can’t”.

A Marshall says “I can and I will”.

A Marshall doesn’t just come for a band session or a guitar lesson.

A Marshall joins us on a journey with an extended family that is 100% behind them.

A Marshall is a musician, even if they haven’t discovered it yet.

The Marshall’s are behind you to guide you, to develop you and to show you that you are amazing every single step of the way.

The Owners

William Marshall

Will has worked for some of the best independent music schools in Yorkshire as well as government directed schools at Management level. He still retains his passion for teaching students 1:1 with a ‘break from tradition’ approach to his students with some amazing results. Will has worked with students from varying backgrounds such as tv actors, label signed musicians and students who wanted to learn just for fun.

After employment within the school based music educational system, he realised that a change was needed to put the focus back into fun and passion into music tuition, at a cost that was available to everyone.

Nichola Marshall

Nichola’s background is working within a large FE establishment, working with hard to reach students. Nichola specialises in implementing pastoral and supportive networks around students and is passionate about bringing out the best in everyone. Nichola’s passion also lies in providing positive environments for students of all ages and abilities so that individuals can thrive and be part of something away from todays stressful lives.

Nichola is also the business brains! She has worked within a business management environment for 15 years and is the ‘go to person’ for all things busnissey!

We want to hear from you!

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