December Newsletter – What’s happening at The Marshall’s School of Music?

What’s happened over the last month?

As we are approaching the end of our first month of trading, it’s just amazing to see how many adults and children that are engaging in music through The Marshall’s School of Music.

Little Rock (4-6)

We have launched our first 2 Little Rock groups (age 4-6) and are shortly to launch our second 2 due to high demand. The students are just amazing and the talent that we are discovering every week is just blowing us away. They already feel like part of our little musical family!

Big Rock (7-11)

This week is the launch of our first ever Big Rock programme (age 7-11) following on from our hugely successful taster session. It never stops amazing us the natural talent that young people have when they are given the freedom to be creative. Our new students are just awesome to see on stage and we really can’t wait to start developing them in to future musicians and even future stars!

1:1 Lessons

Our 1:1 students are increasing every week and again the talent is just awesome. Not everyone is a natural musician but the sheer drive and determination in some of our 1:1 students really makes us so proud to be part of their journey. Our current singing, guitar and piano students are all working on such a variety of music that there is never a dull or quiet moment around our temporary Marshall’s School of Music studio.

We have a new tutor and have drum tuition availability…

We also have a new addition to our family… Stephen our new drum tutor! Things aren’t going to get any quieter any time soon. Keep your eyes peeled for our free drum taster sessions throughout November and December.

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What can you expect in 2020?


More Tasters…

Exciting things are being launched over Christmas and the New year. We will be launching more Little Rock and Big Rock Taster sessions following on from the huge response that we’ve had in November.

Here comes the Youth Choir!

We will be launching auditions for our Youth Choir! This is a choir for all the young singers and performers out there. It’s a choir based around popular songs and music that singers aged 7-12, REALLY want to sing. It’s lively, it’s fun and it’s a choir that is most importantly COOL to be part of! We want to shake off the old opinion of choirs and bring in the ‘Pitch Perfect Effect’ where we sound like a group that could be in the charts and on everyones’ playlists! Not a traditional choir, a choir that’s been ‘Marshall’d”… Led by our very own Will Marshall who has a successful background in producing choirs that are something that break the mould! We are launching our amazing choir at just £25 per month for 1 hour weekly sessions and a minimum of 3 performance sessions per year.

We haven’t forgotten about the adults…

Guitar Courses…

Our Beginners guitar courses are being launched in the new year. If you’ve always wanted to play guitar, if you picked a guitar up years ago but it’s been in the loft for the past 5 years and you’d love to give it another go then this course is for you! If your other half has bought you a guitar and it’s been used as a doorstop for the past year, then come along, meet other people just like you, make new friends and break up the winter months whilst learning and developing new skills. It’s affordable and it’s something that once it’s part of you, it’s with you for life. At just £25 per month for 1 hour every week it’s an opportunity not to miss. Get yourself along and make a positive start to 2020.

You’re never too old… to be in a band!

Calling all adults who have a secret desire to be in a band! We will be looking for 6 adults who would be interested in taking part in our Free Taster/Focus Group for our Adult Band Session. We will be learning a song (chosen by you), working through as a band and performing at the end of the session… More details launched through our Facebook Site in the New Year!

Stuck for a Christmas gift?

We also have a range of gift vouchers for sale which can be used against anything that The Marshall’s School of Music has to offer. You pick the amount and we will send it over to you!

Thank you and Merry Christmas from The Marshall’s School of Music.

We wish everyone a very happy Christmas and thank you all for your support and encouragement over the last few months – it has been amazing.


Best wishes,

Nichola and William Marshall