1:1 Lessons

Adult Rock is for everyone! It is for: those who have played an instrument their entire life, who hasn’t picked their instrument up for years but feels every day that they’d love to try again, or for the musician that can always bash out a few chords on the guitar at any family party!

If you love music and would love to be part of something thats JUST FUN then Adult Band is for you! It is a place where you can cut loose and forget about ‘adulting’ once a week and become a performing musician.

You’ll be with 6-8 like minded people who just love music. You’ll create and name your band, work with our amazing tutors to create a setlist and learn the songs making them your own. At the end of the programme you’ll get the chance to perform with your bandmates in a real life gig. With Adult Rock we aim to get you on the gig circuit as soon as possible!

Adult Band is a subscription program priced at £40 per calendar month. You are not tied in to a 12 month subscription, only a 1 months notice period is required on cancellation.

Group sizes are a maximum of 8 adults and minimum of 4. Each session is run with 2-3 tutors.

The band sessions are weekly and last for 60 minutes. Just enough to effectively work on your songs. We run 48 sessions per year and remain open during school holidays. We do not follow school holiday timetables.

We provide all of the instruments, ear protection and equipment in all sessions. You can buy an instrument for home practice, but all of our instruments are specially set up for the sessions so keep your instruments at home for extra practice time.


1:1 Lessons

Our music lessons are all about you and only you! If you want to learn either: guitar, piano, drums, bass or singing then we have got you covered.

During your free taster session, we discuss what kind of music you love, your goals and aims (if any) and create a plan based around this. Lessons do not have to be based around lessons and hours of exercises (they can be though…) but can be based around just learning songs you want to play. Not only that, you will have the opportunity to showcase your talents in our student concerts… but only if you want to!

If you’re looking for something that’s perfect for learning a new talent that is just for YOU then 1:1 lessons are a relaxed and enjoyable way of going about it.

1:1 lessons are charged at £17.50 for 1/2 hour and £30 for an hour. 24 hours notice is required for lessons cancellation otherwise the full price of the lesson will be charged.

You will ALWAYS have a 1:1 lesson by yourself. This is your time and your time only.

That is completely up to you! Weekly or fortnightly are the most popular.

It is highly recommended that you have your own instrument (for practicing!) but we do have instruments that can be used within your lessons to save you having to remember to bring your own.


The Upscaled Choir is for anyone and everyone who loves to sing. True to The Marshall’s School of Music ethos, we are not a traditional choir and we love to break the rules! Our singers help to choose the songs with the arrangements created if a suitable one doesn’t exist. There is consistent support and communication through a dedicated WhatApp group and performances arranged throughout the year. We also teach and develop good singing technique, use unique warm ups and learn where your ‘true voice’ sits within our choir setting. Whether you are an Alto, Soprano, Tenor or Bass, there is a place in our choir for you!

Our choir isn’t just for the seasoned singer! We love to have newcomers to the world of singing join us. Everyone has a singing voice, sometimes it just takes being in a supportive environment with likeminded people to give it a go and find the inner star that’s always been there!

The Marshall’s School of Music choir isn’t somewhere just to come and sing, it’s somewhere to come and make friends, have a couple of hours away from normality and just cut loose! Come and have fun and be part of something awesome!

The Upscaled Choir is on a subscription of £25pcm payable by direct debit. A 1 months notice period is required if you would like to cancel.

As many as we can fit (safely) in the room! We want our Adult Choir to be the biggest and most awesome around.

Each choir rehearsal runs for 1 hour, 48 weeks per year. We don’t close during the school holidays Refunds are not offered if you are absent or on holiday.

Just you and your voice! We provide all of the music and rehearsal materials.