1:1 lessons

Are you are already a budding musician and have a passion for music?. This is the next stage in your musical career! Here you meet like minded people who need other musicians in their life and want to be part of something awesome. Here you will create and name your band, choose your playlist and work with your tutors learn and develop your songs in preparation for your gig! Every week you will work on a new song and make it your own.

The Band isn’t just about playing with a group of people, it’s about challenging yourself and stepping in to the unknown. Whether that be playing music that you would never have chosen before or performing like an actual rockstar when you are a private player in your every day life.

During the gig, you will perform on stage all 6-8 songs that you have mastered over the previous 10-12 weeks. To create the full band experience you will also be available after the show to sign autographs on your own promotional band posters!

The Band is the ultimate band experience encouraging teenagers to perform from the early stages of their carer to becoming real life Rockstars!

Teen Rock is a subscription program priced at £40 per calendar month. You are not tied in to a 12 month subscription, only a 1 months notice period is required on cancellation.

Group sizes are a maximum of 10 and minimum of 6. Each session is run with 2 experienced degree level tutors.

Each week there is a 60 minute session, 48 sessions per year. This includes Teen Rocks very own gig. We do not close for school holidays, so all sessions will continue to run as normal during this time.

Drum kits, keyboards, guitars, bass and microphones are all available to use during the sessions, or if you would prefer to bring your own guitars that’s fine too!


1:1 Lessons

Our music lessons are all about our students. Whether you want to learn guitar, piano, drums, bass or how to sing – we begin at a level that you are comfortable and confident with. We offer 1:1 lessons for teens of any age.

During your free taster session, we discuss what kind of music you love and we incorporate the theory you need to know. Not only that, you will have lots of opportunities to show off the songs and music that you love and have been learning through live performances held at the school (but only if you want to!).

Alternatively, if you’re looking for something that has the benefits of 1:1 lessons but would feel more comfortable working in a group, why not look at our Teen Rock program?

1:1 lessons are charged at £17.50 for 1/2 hour and £30 for 60 minutes. 24 hours notice is required for lessons cancellation otherwise the full price of the lesson is due.

You will ALWAYS have a 1:1 lesson by yourself with your tutor. This is your time.

That is completely up to you. Weekly or fortnightly are the most popular, but you can also have monthly lessons, depending on your budget and availability.

We recommend that you have your own instrument (for practicing!) we do have instruments that can be used within your lessons to save you having to remember to bring your own.

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