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Why should you choose Little Rock for your child?

There is a taboo for 4-7-year-olds from both parents and teachers around instrumental learning. This generally being that they cant learn an instrument until they are at least 6-7-year-olds depending on their maturity level…


Little Rock introduces children into the world of playing music without the stereotypical strict and structured format of traditional 1:1 lessons. The sessions are based around a positive musical experience as this is the age that can make or break music tuition for a person. Music should be and is for everyone of any age and ability.

Below are the benefits of why Little Rock is right for your child:

  • First and foremost, it’s fun!
  • Parents are usually apprehensive about paying for 1:1 instrumental lessons at this age due to concentration, physical ability and questioning whether their child is actually ready to learn an instrument.
  • Little Rock offers the availability of instrumental lessons but with a completely new approach.
  • At this age, it is difficult to choose one favourite instrument, which is why at Little Rock we ensure that everyone has the chance to play every instrument.
  • The program is designed around success, a positive attitude towards music and a focus around the development as not to ‘put a child off’ playing an instrument as they grow.
  • The Little Rock program not only focuses on the instruments but also performance and confidence building whilst learning to play as a group.
  • Little Rockers learn basic musical concepts and instrumental discipline through games, colour and team exercises.
  • They learn specialist composed music designed and focused around this particular age group in order for the children to not only understand it from the start but also to develop their skills as the course progresses.
  • They get to play in their own real-life rock band with a gig, on stage, at the end.
  • What did the parents have to say after the first 45 minutes?

These are all real unedited quotes from our feedback session:

  • “I could see the concentration develop in my son from the start to the finish of the session, it was amazing”
  • “There was a good mix of the kids listening, following instruction and having fun”
  • “It really does teach them to watch and listen, with such good concentration”
  • “My son absolutely loved it, he can’t wait for the next session, he said he feels like a rockstar’
  • “Perfect group size, nobody feels left out and everyone is completely involved”
  • “Educational, professional and most of all fun!”
  • “The different sections of the sessions good for concentration and working as a team within the band is a great social experience”

Our first Little Rock sessions begin on Saturday the 19th of October at 9.45am and 10.30am each lasting for 45 minutes. Each course is £100 for 10 weeks of 45 minutes sessions.

Places are booking up fast so book soon to avoid disappointment!

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